Check it Out - Unit 2 - Forecasting Employment Needs

Come "Check Out" the newest HREN Test Preparation Add-On--"Check it Out" videos.

This Add-On product is the perfect supplement to anyone preparing for the HR Certification Exams who needs to reinforce KEY test concepts. This bundle includes 15 videos (7-15 minutes in length) that break down some of the most important and complex concepts on the exam! Topics include:

Unit 1:

*Analytics (Part 1 & 2)

*Financial Statements

*Key Performance Indicators


Unit 2:

*Adverse Impact

*Forecasting Employment Needs

*Recruiting Effectiveness


Unit 3:



Unit 4:

*Incentive Pay with Overtime

*Pay Grades & Compa-Ratios

*Piece Rate Compensation

*The Point Method


Unit 5:

*Union Representation

*Labor Relations Legislation

*Unit 5 Highlights


These short videos can be viewed anytime/anywhere. They break down these difficult concepts and provide information and examples that are crucial to your understanding and ultimately your success on the exam.